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(Established 1994)

Joel Leyden is one of the world's leading Digital PR, digital marketing pioneers - a highly respected, international media consultant.

Joel Leyden integrated classic PR, advertising with the Web in 1995, making Leyden an Internet and social media pioneer.

From Website production, SEO, reputation management PR to the building of news sites, placements on social media - Joel Leyden gets the message out!

For governments, non-profits, commercial organizations, Joel Leyden's branding work is featured in TIME, CNN, New York Times, FOX, The Washington Post, Online Media Daily, The Jerusalem Post ...

.. Think Digital - Think Leyden!

Before most were able to spell, Joel Leyden at the age of 11 secured a Federal Communications Amateur Radio license and was greeting and exchanging "likes" decades before Facebook.

Joel Leyden attended Long Island University where he graduated with BA degrees in Journalism and Psychology.

Leyden went on to work as a broadcast and print journalist - as an editor and reporter for news organizations in the New York area.

From there Joel Leyden jumped the fence to PR and advertising - working for PR firms on New York's Madison Avenue.

Leyden opened his own public relations, branding and advertising agency - Leyden Communications Inc. - in New York's World Trade Center.

Joel Leyden: "Making you #1 on the Net!"

After several successful years working in New York, Joel moved to Israel.

Joel Leyden worked at Israel's Technion in their public relations department and soon after was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

In the IDF Joel Leyden served in the Combat Engineers, followed by working as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson's Office, the Liaison Unit to the United Nations and in MAGAV anti-terrorism unit.

While at the Israel Defense Forces, Joel Leyden co-created the Cyber Unit for the IDF.

In 1995, Joel Leyden was approached by Tamir Cohen Advertising of Tel Aviv to create Israel's first commercial Website - Netking.
In 1995, Joel Leyden created the first Website for an Israeli Prime Minister. Joel Leyden created the first humanitarian Website - an interactive Website to pay condolences to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

As Israel's northern border was under attack by the terror group Hezbollah, Joel Leyden provided hundreds of computers to children who were confined to air raid shelters - providing a means for them to share their experiences and avoid being isolated for weeks.

Joel Leyden provides lectures on digital marketing.

Joel Leyden created the first Israeli government accredited online news organization - the Israel News Agency in 1995.

Leyden also worked for the Jerusalem Post as a senior online news editor and began consulting the Israeli government during times of crisis.

Joel Leyden has recently served as a senior media adviser to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IDF, the Israel Ministry of Defense, the Israel Ministry of Tourism and the Israel Export Institute.

Joel Leyden has created and optimized hundreds of Websites for commercial, non-profit and governmental organizations. He has consulted the US State Department on the use of social media.

Joel Leyden is known today for having integrated his basic print and broadcast media skills into digital PR, SEO - search engine optimization and crisis communications. Invited to speak  by local and international organizations for both his digital and media coaching skills - Joel Leyden lectures on integrated marketing, branding, digital media and cross-cultural communications.

Joel Leyden created the largest online forum for Jews and Israelis who provide professional marketing communications, PR and branding at

Joel Leyden has won several honors and awards for his digital PR, social media and public affairs work - recognized by professionals in the US, Europe and the Middle-East.

Joel Leyden providing Digital PR and social media engagement
for Presidential campaigns in New Hampshire.

Joel Leyden is based today in both Ra'anana, Israel and New York. He has provided media consulting to two US Presidential campaigns.
He is the proud father of three children and serves as the Director of Father's 4 Justice Israel.
Joel Leyden also spends much time helping the homeless and poor as he coordinates food deliveries to shelters in both the US and Israel.

Vitals: Address: New York, Marital status: Divorced, Age: 52 Children: 3, Hobbies: Running, Skiing, Volunteer on global disaster search, rescue and medical missions.   

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Joel Leyden joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1989.
Joel Leyden has been practicing PR and public affairs since 1982.
Joel Leyden has worked in counter-terrorism - both in the military and police.
Joel Leyden has over two dozen professional reviews on
Since 1995, Joel Leyden has specialized in in Digital PR, SEO, branding and crisis communications.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Joel Leyden worked with the Israel Defense Forces
and aid organizations to establish a field hospital and provide real time information
for survivors and the international media via social media.
All Digital PR was possible through the use of electronic generators.

Joel Leyden has volunteered on several global humanitarian disaster aid missions
providing critical social media, digital marketing communications to secure food, clothing and shelter for victims.

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Joel Leyden is a Digital PR / social media pioneer, digital communications strategist, journalist, crisis communications, reputation management, integrated marketing, branding, B2B, B2C consultant, SEO - search engine optimization, viral marketing, public affairs consultant. Leyden also works as a Cross-Cultural consultant.

Joel Leyden is an internationally respected media consultant and  public relations expert. He helps clients get their message out by  providing website development, search engine optimization, social media  development, and reputation management PR services. Joel Leyden's work  has been featured in TIME magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post,  Online Media Daily, The Jerusalem Post, and CNN. Having created  hundreds of client websites, Joel Leyden has helped commercial,  nonprofit, and government agencies with PR, marketing communications, and branding.

Joel Leyden, a proud veteran who served in the combat
engineers, anti-terror units and the army spokesperson's office.

His work has earned him several professional awards throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Joel  Leyden earned a BA in journalism and psychology from Long Island  University, as well as an MA in journalism from Columbia University. 

Immediately following school, Leyden became an editor and reporter in  the New York area.

Joel Leyden publishes the Ski Industry News.
Leyden, a gold medal Nastar racer, has taught skiing since the age of 14.

His initial work in print and broadcast journalism  paved the way for his transition to digital PR, marketing and advertising.

Prior to founding his own agency in New York's World Trade Center, Joel Leyden worked for PR firms on Madison  Avenue in New York City.

"Joel Leyden contributed professionalism, creativity and an abundance of team spirit on all projects he has been involved in." - Microsoft Israel

"In the 4 years Joel Leyden served as a PR and social media consultant, our market penetration tripled."
Cisco Israel

"Perhaps one of the most professional, experienced and effective spokesman we ever had. Joel Leyden was an asset
both on and offline."
IDF Spokesperson

"Joel Leyden has a very friendly and professional approach in providing cross-cultural communications. Our diplomats leave
his classroom wiser, smarter and able to tackle any environment"
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

"Within three months we were able to recruit over 200 more members. Joel Leyden has a depth of knowledge
in digital PR that few can compete with."
New York Israel Chamber of Commerce

"Joel Leyden did not waste a minute in joining our humanitarian mission to Haiti. He is what we call a mensch. Honest, caring and responsible for those in need"
Israel Humanitarian Aid


Joel Leyden: SEO Is Dead, Digital PR Awakens

New York, NY  -- 5/07/2014 --
Joel Leyden, CEO of, reports that rumors of SEO's (search engine optimization) death is not greatly exaggerated. That SEO is dead.
"I know. I have been creating SEO since 1994 with some of the Internet's first Websites. I was doing SEO before it was called SEO."

"SEO was an essential element of Internet marketing. If one wanted to be seen, if they cared for their Website to be ranked number one on Google, AOL, BING or Yahoo, they needed to retain an SEO specialist who knew how the search engine algorithms worked. The SEO expert would then perform four basic tasks to get a Website ranked number one using a keyword search," says Joel Leyden.

"First, he would purchase a domain name rich in keywords describing where and what his client was doing. Second, he would place those same keywords in the Webpage HTML title. He would repeat those keywords in the META tags and over and over again on the homepage. Lastly, he would either manually place or buy links that would direct back to his Websites."

Joel Leyden, who has consulted both the US and Israeli governments on Internet and social media branding, adds: "Google did away with paid backlinks a few years ago. If Google discovered that you were gaming their system with paid back links they would drop you like a rock from first place to page seven in a Google search. Then Google tightened their rules even more so (Operation Penguin) by down ranking sites which just spit out keywords over and over again (keyword density) on the same page.

Google had actually worked with the SEO industry. An industry which generated millions of dollars and thousands of jobs - until they killed it with the Google Penguin update in April 2012 and the Google Hummingbird update in September 2013. Google's thinking was that it was time to replace Google search engine manipulators with real, quality content - something that was not needed if one knew the basic art and science of SEO programming."

Joel Leyden states: "To be highly successful in digital marketing one had to be knowledgeable with regard to both computer, Internet programming and creative writing, layout and design.

One does not usually find both skill sets in one brain. You were either a programmer who knew different computer languages or a creative writer who had a professional background as a journalist or PR / advertising copywriter.

Most SEO "experts" were programmers seeking to make a quick dollar by applying the above mentioned four principles to a Website.

They could not write. At best they would copy and paste from professional writers. As for the professional writers - they never had a chance to show off their creative, respected skills. You could be an Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens or Stephen King but if you didn't know HTML tags your copy would be buried somewhere on page 17 in a Google search.

Funny thing, as the world's global PR and advertising agencies finally caught up to digital PR and marketing, Google screwed them. Or perhaps actually did them a favor."

The favor is that the Web according to Google has gone back to 1995. If the copy was quality, if the Website was well built, if one was standing on a respected piece of digital real estate, then you would find your Google page ranking higher than most.

The examples given above for SEO are restricted to the natural "organic" variety. Not paid for (PPC) search terms that one will find and pay for on Google Adwords or Facebook advertising. Google has taken a swipe at SEO spammers while increasing demand for their own advertising platform. If you thought that Google was doing well financially a few years ago - that was nothing as to what you will now see as the world begins to depend more so on Google Adwords.

"Yesterday, you had two choices to be rich and famous," says Joel Leyden. "Either hire an SEO spammer for Google page ranking or an excellent writer, professional marketer who knew the trees from the forest at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Today, to be noticed on Google Web you need to hire a professional digital PR firm which will place your message and copy on valuable, digital real estate. This includes blogs, Google News and all of social media. The basics of SEO remain - having a good domain name for branding, having relevant keywords in your page title, enjoying many good back links from respected Websites - but their value has fallen the way of the stock market back in 1929.

SEO and the short cuts are gone. Welcome the professional PR copywriters who know how to write and place quality content on digital media.

I never cared for being referred to as a SEO guru or search engine professional. It always felt cheap. Like a whore who only had so little to do. I was and remain a digital PR and advertising pro - fully optimized from my days at print and broadcast media and integrated into all that is digital, mobile and fat free."

About Leyden Digital

Leyden Digital PR, Social Media Group was formed in 1995.
Leyden specializes in digital marketing and PR strategy with offices in New York and Tel Aviv.
Leyden Digital is the recipient of several honors and awards for it's governmental, commercial and non-profit work.


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